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An Effective Tinnitus Cure – Exercise and Diet —

When it comes to tinnitus and any other chronic condition, modern medicine often falls short in providing any sort of long-lasting relief. However, there is indeed a tinnitus cure that will at least reduce symptoms in most individuals if followed strictly and that is improving the diet and starting an exercise program.

Diet is one of the most important things you can do to reduce the ringing in your ears as well as improve your overall health. Not only do you want to diet to lose weight, but there are also certain foods you want to eat and others you want to avoid.

In addition to getting to a healthy weight, you want to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. These have an anti-inflammatory capacity and will reduce your symptoms by default. Additionally, you want to supplement with an omega-3 (like fish oil), vitamin D (gel or oil form), choline (found in eggs or supplemented from soy lecithin). These are all conducive to good nerve health as well as reducing the inflammation in your body. These are also things that many people tend to be deficient in, so they often yield the biggest results. Finally, they are all very cheap so you do not have to break the bank. You can literally get access to all these supplements which are good at reducing tinnitus symptoms for a few bucks a month combined.

I recently picked a 2-pack of 200 1000ius of Vitamin D for 6$ at target, 400g of fish oil at Costco for 8$, and 400g of soy lecithin online for around 7$. I take 1g choline, 5g fish oil, and 3000 iu of Vitamin D (these tend to work best for me, all individuals are different), which means that a bottle of lecithin lasts me a year, fish oil lasts me over 3 months, and vitamin D lasts me about 6 months, making this total supplement plan only run about 4$ a month – much cheaper than expensive and often less effective prescription medications!

Exercise when combined with diet also seems to work very well as a tinnitus cure as this reduces blood pressure and helps you lose weight (which lowers body-wide inflammation). Both of these are associated with lowered tinnitus symptoms.

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