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A Sith Sorcerer SWTOR Guide —

The Sith Sorcerer is one of the most controversial classes in Star Wars The Old Republic. It is by far the most popular advanced class choice, and as a result, it is frequently considered to be overpowered. The objective of this Sith Sorcerer SWTOR guide is to evaluate the Sith Sorcerer’s strengths and how you can play this class in order to determine whether or not this class is overpowered.

You should know that the Jedi Sage is actually the Sith Sorcerer’s counterpart. Most people think that Force Lightning is overpowered while having no idea that the Sage can use their ability where they throw small rocks and it has the exact same effect and deals the same amount of damage. It just is not as flashy as the Sorcerer ability and the Jedi Sage is not as popular, so players just assume that this is the case. The truth is the Sith Sorcerer is not overpowered at all for this ability.

Additionally, the Sith Sorcerer has no real form of burst damage. It does solid damage over time thanks to Crushing Darkness, Affliction, Force Lightning, and its instant cast buffs, but it has no single ability which deals a lot of damage. I have been crit for 5k by Jedi Knights, Sith Warriors, Smugglers, and Imperial Agents, but I have never done more than 3400 damage in a single attack as a Sith Sorcerer.

However, the point of this Sith Sorcerer SWTOR Guide is not to lament how weak the Sorcerer is. The Sorcerer is not weak. Its true strength is its pure versatility. Between its ability to do solid damage, cast an instant shield, sprint around, knock back players, stun them, grapple friendly players, lock them in mesmerizes, and deal solid AoE damage is what makes the Sorcerer so good.

It is useful in practically every situation simply because they have a lot of crowd control abilities and can slip away from melee players pretty easily. Additionally, the Sorcerer is very strong from low level ranges because they get access to most of their powerful abilities by level 20, whereas other classes really do not start getting good until level 40+. A level 20 Sith Sorcerer has nearly all of their good abilities where a level 20 Jedi Sentinel has practically nothing.

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