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SWTOR Guide to Making Credits —

Making money in Star Wars The Old Republic is very easy. However, some things can be very expensive (like Magenta lightsaber crystals), so you will want a good SWTOR guide to tell you what to do to earn a lot of credits.

The first thing you should know is that most high-end gear crafts are worthless. This is because PvP gear, hard mode flashpoints, and normal mode operations tend to produce easier to get and give better stats than bind on equip gear. True, there are some bind on pickup pieces that are better than entry-level gear, but these cannot be sold or bought for credits anyway so this is irrelevant.

Instead, the focus of this quick SWTOR guide will be on how to make credits in a few simple ways.

The first way of course is to farm credits. You will need some decent gear and preferably a healing companion for this task. You will want to gear out your companion too in level 50 gear. Getting gear for your companion makes all the difference.

Once you do this, you can head to the heroic areas on Ilum and kill the enemies which guard chests. These tend to be Elite or Champion-level enemies, but they are soloable once you get good gear on yourself and your companion. These chests tends to have greens or blues (which can be vendored or sold on the auction house depending on quality) as well as about 7000 credits that you get to just keep outright. This is typically faster than doing dailies or anything, since between killing enemies and looting the chest you are getting over 10000 credits each time around.

Once you find all the chests on Ilum, you can get a new chest every 7-8 minutes, which means that in just an hour of farming you are making nearly 100k credits. Do this once a day for a few weeks and you have more than enough money to buy anything you could ever need.

If farming is not your style, I recommend picking up a craft. Cybertechs get to make space ship equipment which sells for a pretty good profit, and biochems get to make medpacs which tend to sell for a large profit too. Finally, the high quality materials you get from Underworld Trading also seem to work very well. Any of these things gets the recommendation of our SWTOR guide for credits.

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